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David’s journey from podcasting sensation to conference speaker is a testament to the power of podcasts for personal and professional growth. His ability to connect with professionals, extract insights, and deliver impactful presentations makes him a sought-after speaker.

Tune in to David’s Business Podcasts

David Maples hosts highly acclaimed business podcasts, The Buck Stops Here, KC Leaders and AI: The Podcast. In The Buck Stops Here, David shares his insights on the latest business trends and strategies, with a focus on A.I. news and its impact on various industries. In KC Leaders, David interviews local business owners and leaders, providing a platform for them to share their stories and expertise .For the Business Owners more focused on AI and current trends, David co-hosts AI: The Podcast with conversation on news surrounding Artificial Intelligence.

The Buck Stops Here

David Maples’ speaking philosophy is centered around taking responsibility for the actions that you take in your business and in your life. He believes in providing real advice in business, marketing, and advertising through his speaking engagements. He has no time for BS and aims to cut through it with wit, sarcasm, and forthright conversation. Just like in his podcasts, David’s speaking style is grounded in simplifying complex ideas to make them accessible.

KC leaders Podcast

David Maples’ speaker capabilities aim to showcase the diversity of talent, ideas, and initiatives that make the business world thrive, providing a platform for meaningful conversations that can inform, inspire, and connect his audience. As a passionate business leader and consultant, David believes that every voice and story matters, and that by sharing them, we can create a more inclusive, informed, and engaged community of business professionals.

David Maples during recording of AI: The Podcast
AI: The Podcast Logo

AI: The Podcast

AI: The Podcast comes alive with dynamic hosts David Maples and Virginia Huling. Their combined expertise and passion for artificial intelligence bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to each episode. David and Virginia’s proficiency in machine learning make them the ideal duo to navigate the intricacies of AI technology. Together with KAI, their animated AI co-host, they provide unique perspectives and insights driven by cutting-edge technology.

At the Edge of Innovation and Creativity

A Leading voice in Business and ai

David Maples brings his personalized experiences to provide invaluable insights into the potential of AI in technology and business.


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