Insightful Strategies to Navigate the Business Landscape

envisioning the boundless possibilities of AI

With his captivating and entertaining style, David will guide you through the transformative possibilities of AI, persuading you to embrace this cutting-edge technology for the future of your business.

Empowering Success Through Knowledge

David Maples

David Maples, an accomplished business leader and co-founder of Catapult Creative Media, is dedicated to fostering connections with other innovative entrepreneurs and thought leaders. With a diverse background in marketing, sales, finance, and web sectors, David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his work, always aiming to make a positive impact on his clients and the community.

David is a sought-after speaker, sharing his expertise on a range of topics. He also enjoys embracing his inner tech nerd by building deep learning machines and staying at the forefront of technology and innovation. In addition to being a professional speaker and his work at Catapult, he is the host of multiple podcasts, including The Buck Stops Here podcast, the KC Leaders Podcast and AI: The Podcast.

A rare gem in the speaking world. He doesn’t just explain a subject; he brings it to life.

At the Edge of Innovation and Creativity

A Leading voice in Business and ai

David Maples brings his personalized experiences to provide invaluable insights into the potential of AI in technology and business.

Keynote Topics

A Hopeful Future with AI
Key Takeaways
The boundless possibilities of AI in marketing and advertising
Using the pieces to create campaigns and results
Current and upcoming AI products and projects
New Opportunities in AI
Key Takeaways
The current and upcoming ethical-legal terrain of AI
Important rules in order to get AI “right”
Seizing the opportunities of AI; taking the next steps
Best Practices in AI Use
Key Takeaways
All AIs have some implicit biases in them
Hold yourself accountable for the software you use
Copyright concerns in the current AI landscape

At the Edge of Innovation and Creativity

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